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Temple Run 2


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Duck Life 3 presents an exhilarating endless running game that will keep players on their toes. Temple Run 2, developed by Imangi Studios, builds upon the original and takes the adventure to new heights. Brace yourself for a fast-paced and thrilling experience that will test your reflexes and challenge your limits.

Game Description

Immerse yourself in the visually captivating world of Temple Run 2. This game offers a variety of breathtaking environments, each presenting its own unique challenges and obstacles. Prepare to be captivated by its addictive and dynamic gameplay that will have you craving for more.

Game Controls

Controls in Temple Run 2 are seamlessly designed for mobile devices. Using swipe gestures, players can effortlessly navigate the treacherous paths and evade danger:

  • Swipe left or right to change lanes.
  • Swipe up to jump over obstacles.
  • Swipe down to slide under barriers.

How to Play

Temple Run 2 is an endless runner, where the objective is to run as far as possible while avoiding obstacles and a relentless creature hot on your heels. Along the way, collect coins that are scattered throughout the course. These coins can be used to unlock power-ups, characters, and other exciting in-game items.

Harness the power of various power-ups, including shields, coin magnets, and speed boosts, to aid you in your journey. These power-ups will help you navigate obstacles and extend your run, increasing your chances of achieving greatness.

Prepare yourself for the plethora of challenges that lie ahead. Temple Run 2 features a wide array of obstacles, such as gaps, tree roots, and fire-breathing statues. Swiftly dodge or slide under these obstacles to avoid being caught.

Explore different environments, including lush forests, treacherous mines, and ancient temples. Each environment has its own set of challenges and visually stunning style, providing a fresh and exciting experience with every run.

Embark on runs with specific objectives and challenges, earning rewards as you complete them. Compete with friends and players worldwide on the leaderboards, striving to achieve the highest score and establish your dominance in the running world.

Game Platforms

Duck Life 3 proudly presents Temple Run 2 as a mobile game available for both iOS and Android devices. Whether you’re on the go or looking for a quick gaming session, Temple Run 2 is perfectly designed to deliver instant excitement.

With its fast-paced action and dynamic obstacles, Temple Run 2 has gained a massive following of players seeking thrilling and challenging endless running experiences. Join the countless adventurers who have already embarked on this heart-pounding journey.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your device and prepare for the ultimate running adventure with Duck Life 3’s Temple Run 2. Lace up your running shoes, collect those coins, and run like there’s no tomorrow. Experience the adrenaline rush now with Duck Life 3!