Grandad weeps as he meets the hero stranger who saved his life after heart attack

Peter Morris, 73, survived thanks to CPR after he collapsed in front of his terrifying wife while clearing a house in Harlow, Essex in November last year

A grandfather has enjoyed a tearful reunion with the stranger who kept him alive after he suffered a heart attack.

Pete Morris, 73, collapsed on the floor of a trailer while clearing a house with his wife Jackie, 65.

Hairdresser Andy Jenkins, 54, stepped in to help after spotting Jackie giving her husband CPR.

He managed to keep Pete alive for ten minutes before paramedics arrived and jolted him twice with a defibrillator.

Earlier this week the pair were reunited for the first time following a Facebook appeal.

Pete said: “The meeting was fantastic, I feel so grateful to him.

“It’s a strange position to be in because there aren’t enough words of thanks that you can say to someone.

“I’ve told him now he’s part of our extended family.

“Every day since that, Jackie and I are grateful for every day we wake up and the day we have ahead of us, and then we go to bed grateful for the day that we’ve had.”

Andy added: “Seeing Pete was incredible. He looked a lot healthier!

“It was unlike anything I’ve had before. I’ve gone from seeing this man – a dead person – to this man who’s so full of life.

“He clearly enjoys life and it’s lovely to see him with his wife, daughter and grandson.

“He’s a little miracle.”

Andy had assumed Pete passed away following the dramatic incident in Harlow, Essex, on November 20 last year.

Pete and his wife had been working at a property as part of their house clearing business when he fell unwell.

Jackie said: “I could see I was losing him. His eyes were bulging and he was going blue.”

Jackie tried to give her husband of 45 years CPR but struggled due to an existing shoulder and knee injury.

So Andy, who had done a first aid course while learning to be a snowboard instructor, went “hell for leather” to give Pete a fighting chance of survival.

He said: “I was getting no response from him. He was gone really, he was grey.

“For the first few minutes there was some foam around the mouth but towards the end it was just a case of keeping the oxygen going – he was lifeless.”

After being revived by the defibrillator Pete spent eight days in a coma but recovered to be discharged on Christmas Eve.

He met Andy in person on Monday after inviting him to he and Jackie’s home in Ware, Herts.

They were joined by Pete and Jackie’s daughter Emily, 39, and her son Henry 5. Andy’s wife Jodie, 45, daughter Ava, 8, and granddaughter Amelia, 11, were also there.